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Vista City Newspaper: Culture/Media Section

The Next Fairy Trial's Going to Be 10 Outta 10

By: Waresda Rimote

March 11th, Sevetop Entertainment held auditions for their hit show "Fairy Trials." Many people were yanked off the streets for a chance to play, but it's not going to be for the usual fairy tale themed challenges. To celebrate ten fun years of magical mayhem, your favorites from Pride Records and Virgo Entertainment are also participating! What roles will they play? What stories will be used?

I got a chance to sit in on the auditions on behalf of Vista City News. Contestants had to share their favorite fairy tale and show their talents. There were the usual feats of strength. Some said jokes. A few let sport skills do the talking.

Here's one that caught my eye. Sweet and demure Maria Cozarto showed her skills with makeup on other participants and some musicians. A strange talent to show for sure, but I wish her all the luck. If she doesn't get in, I'd love to have this cutie do my makeup.

We had a number of contestants who thought they were on "Dancing Over the Skies" because many showed off their dancing talents. There was the beautiful Severin Dufour showing his graceful ballet skills. (His looks should have also been a talent.) Jeremy Stone danced waltz with fellow participant picked right from stage, but despite that, they were in sync perfectly. Serena Lapin showed off her ballroom dancing with musicians as her partners. I wish I could have been in her shoes.

Which of these hopefuls will be picked for the gameshow? Are the number of dancers a hint to what kinds of stories will be used? Tune in on March 21st and find out.