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Vista City Morning News

Virgo Adding Color to Their Morning Routine?
By: D. Nought Wori

It's still early into the new year, and while many are using this as an excuse to get fit, a number of people are taking it easy. And for good reason too. Bagel Bongo has taken Vista City by storm with their new signature Rainbow Bagels. What was once a bland looking quick grab for office workers and college students alike is now a bright ring sure to wake up even the toughest of mornings.

But getting your hands on one of the bagels is a challenge. For days now, patrons of the Bagel Bongo have waited in lines around the block just for one. Some of the lucky ones parade their treasure down the street, selling it to the highest bidder. However, we have reason to believe that the supply and demand might be skewed in favor toward Vista City's star life.

A few members of Flowers Over Bones are among the Rainbow Bagel fans. Pao-Lin Huang was spotted with a rainbow bagel in each hand and saying "What do you think? If I wear them on my head like this, will I start a new trend?" While looking like a cute mouse, more people would be happier letting the carbs go to their stomachs instead. Doctor and Rei Hino have also been spotted enjoying the treat together. A father-daughters outing perhaps? Along with the morning cup of Joe, Rarity from Defying Gravity has munched on a galaxy colored bagel.

Strange how all our celebrity spottings are musicians from Virgo Entertainment. Could it be that Virgo has an in to provide their musicians with the most colorful breakfast item since Froot Rings?

Bagel Bongo offers the classic rainbow and custom orders at their website and by phone.