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Greetings, fellow Rescuers. It seems time is of the essence. Now, more than ever, we need to work as a team to save as many musicians as we can before the month is out.

This would, of course, be much easier if we all knew which musicians are in fact abductees.

Has some sort of concordance been made? If not, I propose we make one. Photographs shouldn't be hard to come by, considering the nature of our quarry's imprisonment, but also knowing which bands they belong to, and perhaps a little about their true histories and personalities might be helpful? That way we won't pass by an opportunity simply because we were ill informed.

May your lives be full of clear skies and full sails,
Nico Robin
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I don't know of anyone from my world here, so any musicians I know that are kidnapped are the ones that other people tell me about...

[ Which is a problem for the rescuers. ]

Do you think they're the ones with robo managers?
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Uh... I dunno. How will we find out without trying to bust them open?

X-ray vision?
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I didn't really hear anyone with that, but maybe someone's hiding a secret power.

[ She tries to think of what else they can do beyond powers and secret backdoor passcodes. ]

We can also try magnets.