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Mar. 2nd 08:32 PM

[ Sorry for any rescuers eardrums when they hear her voice, but for a being who can be dissolved by water, seeing the high, fierce waves hit the side of Virgo HQ is something out of a nightmare. ]

Everyone get away from the Virgo HQ! The ocean's gone crazy! The water levels are rising!

[ Someone else will have to respond to Lapis. Agent 3 isn't having any of it. ]
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Is that normal?
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I don't think you'll be able to help them right now. Just try to keep safe and leave it to the rest of us.

[Or the locals if there really is an immediate threat.]
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I will if I can. I'm not sure what could be done against something that might be a natural occurrence. [And what does she know of the ocean and how it's supposed to act?] But if anyone needs a hand otherwise.
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I'm sure the local authorities have been notified, but I'll contact them as well. They should be less concerned about who is calling and more about the content of the call.