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Mar. 2nd 08:32 PM

[ Sorry for any rescuers eardrums when they hear her voice, but for a being who can be dissolved by water, seeing the high, fierce waves hit the side of Virgo HQ is something out of a nightmare. ]

Everyone get away from the Virgo HQ! The ocean's gone crazy! The water levels are rising!

[ Someone else will have to respond to Lapis. Agent 3 isn't having any of it. ]
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[The ocean went crazy? And if water is poison to Agent 3-]

Are you okay?
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Agent 3, please go inland! It's too risky to be out there.
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I...don't know??

[He really doesn't.]

Does it look like something Virgo is causing?
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Holy shit! You ok?

[After all, Girl is made of ink.]
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It's clear out, why would the waves be so high?
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I hope not.

[She was told that Tera was like Earth.]
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The Great Zapfish?

Do we know anyone with water powers?
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Are you alright? You're not hurt, are you?
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Do you need me to come and get you?
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If you need me, make no mistake, I'll come.
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Keep me posted though. I don't want you hurt.
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[Riza has yet to actually see the ocean and now doesn't appear to be the time to do so.]

Do you or anyone else need help?
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Is that normal?
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I don't think you'll be able to help them right now. Just try to keep safe and leave it to the rest of us.

[Or the locals if there really is an immediate threat.]
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I will if I can. I'm not sure what could be done against something that might be a natural occurrence. [And what does she know of the ocean and how it's supposed to act?] But if anyone needs a hand otherwise.
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I'm sure the local authorities have been notified, but I'll contact them as well. They should be less concerned about who is calling and more about the content of the call.
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[They're not going to ask if 3 is alright, on the grounds of a thousand other people have asked already. There are important things to note here.]

Did you notice anything unusual about the water? Besides what it's doing, obviously.
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So someone is obviously controlling it... And they want to break into Virgo, for whatever reason.

Have you talked to anyone who can control water?
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That's the problem with picking up a bunch of random people who have no reason to tell anyone else about themselves.... Tch.

If it is one of ours and not something from Pride, this could backlash for everyone.
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I'll see about it, but no promises.